Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Today's Outfit - Ponytails and High Heeled Sneakers

I am nearly 51 years old and, yes, I'm wearing high heeled sneakers.  I'm only going with hubby to the post office so I don't really care.  I thrifted these a couple of years ago just cuz I though they were cute....maybe not what some would consider "age appropriate"...but cute.
Well, I guess maybe a couple of other people will see me besides at the post office because I'm posting this on a blog and linking up with Silverstyle's Trending Through The Decades: Stripes.
Que Sera Sera............      with funk.
Thrifted Items:  Black skirt, red/white striped top $2.50 Karen Scott, red cardigan, belt $1.99, shoes.


  1. I love your look, but then I think you and I have similar taste. I say wear high heeled sneakers while you can. All too soon we will all be wearing ortopedic shoes to keep us stable while we walk around with our walkers! Maybe we will decorate them up really cool though.

  2. I'm with Debbie! Rock what you love now and bling up your walker later!

    1. The shoes! OMG those are so fun! You look adorable, all you need is a chocolate milkshake now!

  3. Cute cute cute!!! Almost 51?! No- I thought you were in your 30s for real! Such a cute outfit- I love blondes wearing red- classic!

  4. I dig this. You look like an eighties valley girl interpretation of a car hop waitress (in the best possible way) I admire your kick ass side pony! Well done.

  5. See, Lisa, I'm not the only one who thought you were in your 30's! Love red on you and what great shoes...I'll have that milkshake now.

  6. Those high heeled sneakers rock!

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