Monday, February 6, 2012

Today's Outfit - I'm Wearing Versace

I love the colors in this top and there are pretty golden threads running through it that don't really show in these photos. was only 99 cents!  I wore this downtown to meet my daughter for a little shopping.  I ended up buying 2 floral clips that can be worn in hair or on clothing and also some perfume I'd been wanting...Versace Bright Crystal.
My 3 favorite scents for myself are Elizabeth Arden Fifth Avenue, Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely, and Glow by J.Lo.  A woman came into our office wearing the Bright Crystal and I thought it smelled sooooo good.  I applied it in stores a couple of different times to make sure I liked it before making the decision to purchase.  I'm kind of particular about what I like on me.
I sometimes feel perfume can be a part of your style... like adding a pretty golden locket around your neck.  A nice finishing touch.
I know everyone's tastes run different...but what are your favorite perfumes? 

Thrifted Items:  Brown jeans, turtleneck, sleeveless top 99 cents, brown blazer, gold engraved locket, purse $2.


  1. for the last several years I wear Izzie Miacki in the warm months and Donna Karin Cashmere Mist in the winter. I honestly would never spend the money but the man likes it too and buys it for me for holidays. Even when I say no! He's a beast!
    Please try to link up. Talk to you soon.

  2. Ooooh, I've never smelled those. I'll have to check them out. My husband and I have totally different tastes in perfumes...unfortunately. I just have to wear what I like most of the time or it turns my stomach. Oh gosh, I never thought about it...hope I'm not turning his when I wear the stuff that I like. Oh well. haha
    I'm going to try to put together an outfit tonight with stripes so I can link up. Thanks for doing that. It's fun!

  3. I love the purse and sleeveless shirt - such pretty colors, especially the blue!

    I agree perfume can really finish off an outfit. I have to be careful because Mr. Monkey has some allergies, so I stick to a lot of Bath and Body Works mists because they are light and don't bother him too much. I like Lucky Brand, Curve and CK One for a perfume. Or Dream Angels Heavenly from Victoria Secret.


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