Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Today's Outfit - Green and Gold

Just a day at the office and I've worn a dusty green blazer over a gold sparkly sweater to match the gold threads in the skirt. 
I'm accessorizing with a green medalion necklace, green dangle earrings, and bracelet.  Finishing off the look with black tights, black boots and a dark green handbag.

Thrifted Items:  Skirt, blazer, gold sweater, green medalion necklace $4.99, black tights(new in pkg., but thrifted), black boots $6.99, purse $3.

Linking up with Thursday's are for Thrifters at Spunky Chateau.


  1. Love the outfit! It may be one of my favorites so far. Do you get comments at work on how well you dress?

  2. Thank you, Donna. I do get compliments, yes. I have to say that it does feel good to be decently dressed after spending so many years in somewhat of a "slob" state. haha I feel better about myself than I have in a long time and that has much to do with my supportive and loving husband. I know what's on the inside is far more important than material adornments, but it feels good to project a reflection of the inner person in a positive image in the outward appearance too.

  3. You look so lovely in this outfit. I think it is one of my favorites of yours as well. Beautiful necklace. I am still amazed at your thrift finds!

  4. Love this. Especially the skirt and boots. Love it. Just love it.

  5. Pretty skirt, I like the tulip silhouette.

  6. I absolutely love that sparkly gold sweater and your jacket too. Thanks for linking up with Thursdays are for Thrifters!


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