Sunday, January 8, 2012

Today's Outfit - Crocheted Tunic

Just a day at home.  Too little make up worn today, thus no head. I'll place smiley face here instead. :) 
Thrifted Items:  Jeans $3 Caslon, brown lace up booties, melon top, light lavendar bluish crocheted top, necklace, scarf.


  1. I'm a sucker for a crocheted top and yours is lovely. Like how you styled it and the color combo. The top will be pretty in warmer weather with a tank under it.

  2. I thrifted 4 of these in the last couple of years, but they seem to be some of the least worn items in my closet. I do like that fact that they can be worn in multiple seasons though. I have a blue-green, pink, and tan one also. The tan one gets the most wear. I recently purchased a pair of white jeans so maybe I'll try pairing the more brightly colored ones with those at some point and add a pretty scarf.

  3. Will look forward to seeing those outfits. I have a crocheted turquoise cardigan that has beads in it. I also have a couple short sleeved cardigans and the rest are tunic style, but none have the pretty design like the one you are wearing.


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