Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Today's Outfit (Monday 12/26) Bursting At The Seams

(I'm a day late posting this.)
Today I did some thrift shopping.  Hair in a bun, comfortable shoes...and off I went to spend a couple of hours at Goodwill.  They were having all colored tags on sale for 50% off, except blue tags which were only 99 cents.  Here's what I got for $44.29.
3 pr. dress shoes - 1 of which is Anne Klein
2 purses
13 tops/sweaters - 1 is a black cardigan w/ faux fur black detachable collar which I'm hoping I can us on other things.
I got some really good bargains!
I'm going to have to weed through my clothing and choose some older things I rarely, if ever, wear to re-donate so I can make room for the new.  It is difficult for me to part with clothing though.  I'm going to really have to ask myself if this is one of my favorite pieces and evaluate how long it's been since I've worn it...and then let my least favorite unworn items go.
I am fortunate that when we moved into this rental house the second bedroom was already equipped with storage organizer units (hanging and shelving) along both long walls.  This is in addition to a fairly large closet with shelving where I keep my shoe and scarf collection.  When we were shown this house for the first time and I saw this room I was ecstatic! haha  So I have this whole room for all my things and desk for computer, makeup mirror, etc. and John has the whole other bedroom closet to himself.  Needless to say, that over the last year and a half of thrift shopping I have managed to fill up every available space in this more than adequate room.  It's time for a mild purge.

Thrifted Items:  Brown jeans, brown hooded zip up sweater, rust tank top, purse $2.50 Nine West. 


  1. Ha! My husband and I are the same way - the second bedroom is my desk and extra closet space for me and he gets the closet in our actual bedroom. If we ever have kids we're in trouble, but for now it works great for my clothing addiction!!

    Sounds like you got some great deals! Jealous!

  2. I need a room like that. I have so much stuff and my husband is always remarking about it. I am guilty so it is hard to say anything!
    You are another one of the excellent thrifters. I have been trying to stay out of the thrift stores as I can spend way too much time in them. Also, I do not NEED anything else and I seem to always find some bargain.

  3. Hey Lisa, Happy New Year darling. Next time snap a photo of you in your element and also the fab finds. I am going to bring back my Thursdays Thrift where I feature my finds....sounds like you had a blast. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  4. What a haul! We will all be waiting for future posts featuring some of your finds. You have a great "closet".


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