Thursday, November 23, 2017

Stretchy Thanksgiving Pants

Just a casual, at home, Thanksgiving for the two of us.  Tomorrow we'll be going out and meeting up with family.  

I found these black jeggings recently and they were soooo comfortable (w/my, once again, weight gain, ugh), that I went back and found another pair of darker black jeggings and also a pair of pull up pants (no zipper, just stretchy waistband, and slightly looser jegging type fit) in black, but with a bit dressier fabric (both thrifted of course).
They are like maternity pants!  That's what I thought they were when I tried the first pair in the dressing room, but they fit so well I was going to buy them anyway.  Then I saw on the inside of the waistband they were labeled "jeggings".  It made me feel a lot better to at least know I wasn't needing maternity wear. haha
They will be perfect for the Thanksgiving meal.
You all know what I'm talking about! :)
Hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving!

black jeggings $4.19 Style & Co.
dark taupe tee $2.44 Great Northwest Clothing Co.
black vest $7.69 Express (new w/tags)
scarf ?
necklace $7.11
leopard loafers $5.99 Express

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