Friday, September 22, 2017

New Cross Body Bag

black cross body bag $3.99 Merona
black pants $2.09 Eddie Bauer
scarf $1.99


  1. The bag looks great! I never can hardly find great bags in Missouri thrift stores. That scarf looks fantastic.

  2. Thank you. Cross body bags are new to me. I have recently purchased 3 of them (red, black, cognac brown).
    St. Louis has a Value Village. I'm originally from southern Illinois, but have not visited it. My friend said she went once. Not sure how far you are from there...or if they carry many handbags. The Value Villages here in WA state always have lots (of everything). I had never even thrifted before moving out here 10 yrs ago.

  3. Fairview Heights has a Savers. It is a sister store to Value Village. Has lots of everything, including bags. :)


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