Sunday, January 8, 2017

OOTD + New Trader Joe's Meal

Trader Joe's has provided us with another great addition to our meal rotation.  This week we tried the Kung Pao Tempora Cauliflower served over a small amount of the Vegetable Rice.  Yum!  We loved it.  I did add a tiny bit of rotisserie chicken to it.  We had this for a dinner and a lunch (for 2 people).  The cauliflower package says it provides 6 servings, but for us it provided 4 servings.  Well, 2 larger dinner servings and 2 smaller lunch size servings.
 We have a personal meal rating system for how good it is as to how frequently we could eat a particular product or meal.  This one rated at once every month or so.  I am actually craving it again now and could eat it more often that that. :)
Another product we tried recently was the Trader Joe's Vegetable Biryani with Vegetable Dumplings.
It was not bad.  I probably liked it more than hubby.  I would only rate this an every 3-4 month meal, but it's a decent option for variety.
dark brown cardigan $4 Reflex Jeans
short sleeved sweater ?
scarf $2.99
earrings .53 cents
jeans $5.60 Metro Blues
boots $7.50 Target
purse $5.99 Style & Co.
necklace $7.99 (came w/matching earrings) Charming Charlie


  1. Bardzo ładnie wyglądasz:))podoba mi się szalik:))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:))

  2. Świetny szalik...serdecznie pozdrawiam...

    1. Hi, Barbara. Best wishes for the New Year! xo


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