Sunday, October 30, 2016

My Easy Casual Classic Style

My style is leaning towards lots of denim, t-shirts, and scarves.  I'm usually opting for loafers, but I also like a low heeled mule now and then too.
I like the color scheme of golden mustard, navy, and red... and also the pairing of stripes with the print scarf.

dark denim jeans $5.59 Calvin Klein ultimate skinnies
striped tee $3.50 Merona
scarf $4.20
purse $8 Nine West
red mules $4 Karen Scott

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  1. Wow, you'r rocking these stripes. Love your color combo which the scarf really pulls together! Just wondering how tall you are? For me the stripes in a different color would cut me in half at 5'4". Good job :)

    1. Hi, Mary. I'm 5'4" also. I feel like I am short waisted so sometimes shorter tops or tucked tops accentuate that.

  2. Striking in your stripes , the scarf finishes the outfit beautifully.

  3. This is a wonderful Fall formula and you look delightful in it! Thanks for linking, xo


  4. I like the mix of stripes with soft motif of your scarf. I started experimenting with the scarf lately and love to see how other women wear them.

  5. Hi, Anna. Thank you for visiting. I never wore scarves prior to...oh, maybe 8 years ago. Now I love them!


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