Monday, July 25, 2016

My Casual Uniform

We're back from our trip!  Had a good time, but we were SO glad to get home and back into our routine.  We ate soooooo much while we were gone that we both gained 10 whole pounds!!!  Eeek!  I've lost about half of that already just getting back to our healthy eating.  Five more pounds to go to get back to where I was.
This casual outfit and was worn before we left, but was also taken on our trip.  I wore a variation of this nearly every day while we were gone and loved it.  Jeans (or other pants), tee (long or short sleeved), and necklace...and most days also adding a scarf. 
This is such a comfortable look for me that I plan on adopting it to use as my staple "uniform".
Since I do have so many other clothes I will continue to rotate and wear those as well, but over time I'll gradually be eliminating more and more things from my closet.  Eventually I hope to be left with a more minimal and casual looking wardrobe.
The blue long sleeved tee is Great Northwest Clothing Company.  I have several of this brand and love them.  They're so soft.
The jeans are a high rise denim legging by Mossimo.  Love these too.  They're stretchy.  Thank goodness.  With that 10 pound weight gain these just stretched with me while we were gone. haha
I'm not sure what brand the jacket is.  The label was torn off when I thrifted it.  
The sneakers are Keds.  I am surprised at how often I've opted to wear these.  I always figured myself to be more of a "sandal girl", but these sneakers are not as big and clunky as some others I own (old Sketchers) and I like them much better. 
Well, I'll get around to posting some pics from our trip within the next week or so.
Thanks so much for stopping by and thank you to those who left nice comments while I was gone.  :)


  1. Nice to have you back and you still look as fit as when you left. Uniforms are very practical and easy to live with. Who needs more stress early in the morning?!

    1. Hi...and thank you! Well, this photo was taken before I left. :)
      But I've lost about half of the weight. So only 5 more to go!
      Thanks for stopping by. xo


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