Monday, June 20, 2016

Sneakers...and Minimalism Revelations

These thrifted Ked's sneakers are just what I was looking for.  They'll provide comfortable walking, they fit my lifestyle, and they'll be perfect for our July trip.
I talked previously about being inspired by a lot of "minimizing your closet" videos.  Planning my wardrobe for our 10 day trip was another big eye opener and source of inspiration.

I chose items that I can mix and match, items that I like, shoes that are comfortable, etc. and that will all fit into 1 carry on suitcase.  Looking at the pieces I'd chosen I realized I could create numerous outfits (1 of which I'll be traveling in and won't have to pack) with 4 pr trousers (+ 1 pr shorts), 11 tops, 3 cardigans, a casual cotton hooded jacket, 3-4 pairs of shoes, 6 scarves, and some jewelry.
(I will photograph and show you my travel wardrobe in a later post.)

The areas we'll be traveling to will range in temperature from a low of around 58 degrees at night to a high of about 90 during the day.  The coastal area will have a daytime temperature of about 70-75 degrees, but the inland area may be up around 90 degrees.  So I'm bringing a variety of sleeve lengths and layers in accordance with the expected weather conditions. I hung everything up in sight where this whole collection could be viewed...I realized that collection could be my minimalist wardrobe right there! And I could probably be happy with those clothes and still have plenty of choices.  I would have to add in a few pieces such a couple of heavier sweaters and fall/winter shoes...but not a ton more.  I could probably double that amount of clothing (not counting shoes and accessories) and bring my wardrobe item count to roughly 50 pieces.  That amount could conceivably see me through all seasons.
I'm excited and astounded by that thought!

(I just did a quick count of the items of clothing I just have hanging in my closets and on double hanging rack in my dressing room...and I counted approx 250 items.  That doesn't even count the clothing I've got out for our trip, or what's in my big dresser or shoes/jewelry/scarves/coats, etc.)

Sooo... my current and first goal is to work on cutting that amount in half and go from there.
I have recently pulled out 3 more bags of things to donate.  I'm finding the prospect of a smaller closet exciting and a bit liberating! :)


  1. I realized how easy it was to overy buy when I first began blogging as I was thrifting weekly. At the time I was losing weight and had no clothes that fit, so it made sense to start from scratch through thrifting. After a few months I definitely recognized that I was definitley buying more than I actually needed, so I know the liberating feeling you are experiencing. Looking forward to seeing your travel wardrobe.

    1. Hi, Tracey. Yes, the super cheap prices got me hooked! haha then the losing weight made it even MORE fun to shop for new smaller sizes. I would get that "urge" to go and find my next fix...I mean bargain. lol
      Enough already. It was fun for a while...and I won't stop completely. I still plan on thrifting if I need a replacement staple item, a new size, or just feel like treating myself for a special occasion such as birthday/Christmas. But I have new goals now. A different perspective. And I feel really good about it.


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