Monday, June 6, 2016

Applying The Thrifting Brakes

This top with the gray jeans provided a simple and easy look that I'm really drawn to these days.  I'm recognizing that as much as I have enjoyed a bit of variety in my lifestyle is, in reality, super casual.  This top perfectly complimented my new sandals, was extremely comfortable and I felt good wearing it.
I have been watching youtube videos over the last few days on how to create a more minimalist wardrobe.  One of the questions you are to ask yourself as you go through each item in your closet is "Does this bring me joy?" and "Do I enjoy wearing this?".  
Watching these ladies go through their massive closets getting rid of tons of clothes was motivating.  Seeing closets that are free from being jam packed with clothes, holding a much fewer number of items, but still the potential for numerous outfits was inspiring.  I think there is a great sense of freedom that could come from minimizing.
I was able to fill 3 large bags with clothes to donate by doing this and that is a good start, but I still have a LOT more I want to achieve.  It took me a long time to acquire this massive amount of clothes and I'm not prepared to do away with everything in one go.  So my goal is to regularly ask myself the above questions about the things in my closet and, more importantly, put a halt to my thrifting unless items need replaced.
I have enjoyed thrifting, the bargains I've found, putting together outfits, etc.....  But the time has come where I have a desire to spend less energy on that part of my life and spend more time finding enjoyment in other things.
I will keep watching those minimalist videos regularly for inspiration and motivation so that I can continue making this change.  :)


  1. Ślicznie jak zawsze:)))bardzo ładne sandałki:))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:))

  2. What a pretty top. And I get your point about having too many clothes. Honestly, I do, too. I just declared a moratorium on new purchases until I wear the neglected items in my closet.

  3. Śliczna bluzeczka...serdecznie pozdrawiam...

  4. I recently purged a whole bunch of clothing and it kind of shocked one of my sons. He knows that I love sweaters, so when I got rid of about 1/3 of the ones that I own we was surprised and asked me if my purses were next on the purge list. Well...I'm not sure I want to get that drastic yet! ;)

    1.'s tough to let go of TOO much, especially all at once. Sounds like you did a good job paring down the sweaters. I have to sit with things a while, purge a bit, take a break, then purge some more. My main goal is to stop bringing more stuff home.


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