Sunday, May 1, 2016

Two Outfits With Gingham Tops

 khaki pants ?, red gingham top .99 cents, jean jacket ?, red belt $1.05, red loafers $6.99 Partners, purse $5.59 Aldo

jeans $7 Banana Republic, green gingham top $4.99 Denim & Co., belt $2.40, purse $5.99 Liz Claiborne, leopard loafers $5.99 Express

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  1. Red is one of your best colors for sure, Lisa. Very cute with the denim jacket.

  2. Both are wonderful! You look great and I adore your peachy lipstick too. Thanks for sharing, xo


  3. Bardzo ładne koszule:)))lubie takie kratki:))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:)))

  4. You look adorable in those outfits. I love gingham but can't wear it because the pattern triggers migraines if I have to see it for long periods of time.

    1. Hi, Debbie.
      Oh, that's terrible about them triggering migraines. I never imagined how sensitive things could be for someone who gets migraines. Is it like that with other florals? Just tiny patterns?


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