Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Rare Thrifting Mishap

These pants are fairly new and I love the material and fit.  The length is good for spring/summer as I do generally prefer pants to hit nearer the ankle... and these don't fit like a shorter mid calf capri.
 Another thing that makes me happy about this outfit is the color palette...cream, white, gold.
This is a thrifted tee that sells at Target.  Over the last year or so I've noticed my Target t-shirt (and other similarly styled brands) collection growing.  I never realized how much I liked them.  This one was only $1.39!  How cheap is that?!  And in perfect, never worn condition.  I think they probably sell retail at really good prices, but you just can't beat a little over a dollar for one.

Bummer about the shoes.  They were brand new and broke the first day I wore them.  We tried to super glue them and I attempted to wear them a second time, but it didn't work out.  That's a shame because I really liked them and had plans to wear them with numerous outfits over the summer.  Oh well.  I buy quite a lot of shoes and every so often this happens.  At least I was only out a few dollars.  Overall, I have pretty good luck with my thrifting so I can't complain.
white pants $6.99 Karen Kane
gold print v-neck tee $1.39 Mossimo
cream cardigan $2.79 Merona
earrings $1.72
purse $2.79
sandals $4.19 Report 

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  1. W takich jasnych kolorach wyglądasz ślicznie:)))bardzo ładne buty:)))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:))

  2. Love this mostly-white look, Lisa - and the great jewelry too. Sorry about the sandals! Thanks for linking, xox


  3. Pięknie Ci w jasnych kolorach. Świetna torba...pozdrawiam Lisa...

  4. You look radiant, Lisa! The cream colour of your outfit suits you perfectly...what a pity your new sandals broke!The lovely colour would have matched several summery outfits ...


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