Sunday, April 24, 2016

Night Time Snacking

 These are my usual treats:

*South Beach Bars = 100 calories
*Jolly Time Healthy Choice Popcorn = 100 calories per bag
*2 medjool dates stuffed w/fat free cream cheese and 10 cashews = 225 calories
I love having the popcorn and being able to eat the whole bag myself and sit and crunch on something slightly salty sweet for a while.
And I LOVE the yummy/sweet dates filled with fat free cream cheese...but I have to be careful with this one and work on limiting the cashews to the amount on the plate in the above picture.  I can get a bit too heavy handed with doling out the nuts.

Sometimes I will also have decaf coffee with my South Beach Bar which will add an additional 75 calories (because I must have non dairy creamer in my coffee).

Another snack I might have on occasion would be 1/2 an english muffin (toasted) w/ 1 1/2 T peanut butter for 200 calories.


  1. Have you tried a pecan half in the dates? Quite yummy! We were good and had a salad tonight. Workin' on portions...arghhh...

    1. We're having a salad with tomato soup tonight too!
      I have not tried the pecan in the dates! I am definitely going to do that...maybe tonight! Thank you so much. That sounds so good. I'm ready for it now! :D
      OMG...portions. It is embarrassing the amount of food I could eat..and used to do at meals. :/ ha


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