Sunday, March 20, 2016

A New Glittering Gold Topper

 I recently found this little cream/gold topper.  In real life it sparkles like twinkling stars as the light hits it. Loved it so much. 

cream gold topper $4.19 Frank Usher
golden brown sweater tank top $3.49 Linda Matthews
bracelet $4.46
sequined shoes $5.99 Two Lips
jeans $12.99 Gap
earrings $3.98 via Target
necklace = 20 yrs old?


  1. Beautiful topper! It goes so nicely with your jewelry too. Thanks for linking, you look fab. xo


  2. This such a lovely topper Lisa ! I can understand why you love it a great outfit Lisa , hope you and hubby are keeping well best wishes x

  3. So nice! I love sparkly clothes.


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