Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Scarf Adds Style

 This outfit was worn a week or two ago when the weather was still in the high 60's.  I continue to wear sandals on occasion when the weather is still that mild.  I know most people are rushing to wear their booties, but I'm always hesitant to let go of the sandals and of hiding my last toenail polish until spring.  I like to give my toes a rest from polish for a few months when they'll be hidden with closed toed shoes.
I did thrift a couple pair of new booties recently and I'll be showing them soon.
This scarf is one of my favorites and I thrifted it for under $3.  I love adding the element of a scarf to make an outfit look a bit more stylish.  This is a very simple outfit consisting of off white jeans and a plain tee with sandals, but by adding the pretty scarf and a necklace it transforms from plain to casual chic.  I could have exchanged the sandals for a low heel to further elevate the status of the look, but this day was a casual errands day for me so I'll save the dressier shoes for another time.
 I recently purchased a variety of bracelet sets from ebay for around $1.25 per set.  I wear this type of stretchy style a lot.

Hope you all are enjoying your fall weekend. :)
beige jeans $3.99 Style & Co.
black tee $2.50
scarf $2.91
necklace $2.63
earrings .49 cents
sandals $4.87 Great Northwest Clothing Co.
~ ~ ~
bracelet set, about $1.25, via ebay


  1. Your outfit is really pretty. I'm always amazed at how a scarf and some pretty jewelry can totally "up" the umph to an outfit. :)

    1. And I can get both so cheaply that I'm well stocked in that department. :)

  2. Cute! I think sometimes the simplest outfits are the best! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Laurie. My dream is to someday (key word, ha) have all fairly "simple outfits" and just vary the accessories.

  3. I just thrifted a similar scarf and you've inspired me, Lisa! Looking wonderful, xo


  4. Lovely look Lisa, your pretty scarf is the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. You did well with your bangles, they are great.

  5. Hello, Lisa!!! Have missed seeing your face! Looking gorgeous and seasonal as always. I'm sad to put away my sandals and open toes as well, but I swear I'm going to put on some cute socks with my more substantial sandals this winter and try that.

    1. Hi, Jan! I need some cute socks. I have zero cute socks. :P


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