Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Favorite Tee

Hi, there!  We just got back from an out of state trip to visit my family so I've been behind in posting lately.  
This was an outfit I wore a couple of weeks ago and it's one of my favorites.  A lightweight floral print tee with jacket and dark denim jeans.
The shoes, which seemed fine last year, were not quite as comfortable this year due to the steep incline.  As much as I love them, I decided to donate this pair.
We are considering another possible move and so I'm once again in purge mode.


  1. Love this LIsa ,the colour of your jacket is gorgeous. I don't envy you on house moving as you know we moved the end of January so much stuff one has just my bags alone lol ! With out all the kids bits.But that's the good thing about renting if you fancy moving least you don't have to try as sell your house ! Being nosey are you stay ing in the same area ? Best wishes x

    1. Hi, Lesley. Yes, if we do end up moving to the apartment we're looking at it will be in the same area...just a couple of miles from where we live now. We're giving our gas grill and treadmill to John's nephew since we very rarely use those will be 2 large items out of the way. We've really worked on downsizing our STUFF. I have yet to master it with my clothing though. I did clear out nearly 10 small plastic grocery sized bags of shoes/clothing today so that's a start.

  2. That tee is so cute, especially with the matching jacket. It's fun to look at your pretty outfits.

  3. No wonder this outfit is among your favourites, Lisa! No doubt it is comfy and at the same time so pretty. Love the jacket, what a lovely colour and looks wonderful on you.

  4. Świetny kolor marynarki i ładna bluzeczka, super Lisa...pozdrawiam...

  5. Witaj Lisa. Pięknie Ci w kolorze koralowym. Wyglądasz tak świeżo.
    Pozdrawiam Cię serdecznie.


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