Wednesday, April 8, 2015

OOTD: Long Blue Cardigan With Blue Floral Scarf

This is one of my favorite and easiest ways to dress.  

I'm wearing a pair of dark denim jeans with just a simple cotton tank top and comfy loafers.  I've added a blue cardigan and floral scarf in the same color as the top.
The basic jeans and tank are the foundation to which so many other different elements can be added to create numerous other outfits.

Jeans $3 Gloria Vanderbilt
Tank Top ?
Cardigan $4 Lane Bryant
Scarf $3.99
Purse $3 Kelly & Katie
Loafers $4.99 Honors
~ ~~
Bracelet = gift from hubby
Earrings $6.50 = purchases from boutique on anniversary getaway 2013


  1. Very nice. You wear scarves like a pro. They add such elan to outfits.

  2. Blue really suits you Lisa and as you say two basic pieces you can mix and match and make many outfits ! best wishes x

  3. Ciekawy kardigan, ładnie Ci Lisa w takich kolorach. Pozdrawiam...

  4. Blue and light brown leather, a perfect match! You look fabulous Lisa.
    Sabine xxx

  5. I love this and you are right so many ways to create outfits using this formula.


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