Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New Plaid Loafers

This outfit was a mixture of metallic gold with black.  Loving these shoes.  They're cute and comfy.  They are Cliff's by White Mountain.  I have never heard of this brand or know where they're sold.  Have you?
I thrifted them, of course, and I think they're brand new. 
 I've been a bit sick again and so I apologize for not replying to comments or visiting as much as usual.  This darn cold hit me a couple of weeks ago, then I was all better for a week, and then it came back...bringing it's cough buddy with it.  All I've had the energy for is getting through my days at work.  I'm hoping to perk up soon though. :)
 Black Pants $4.90 Sag Harbor
Black Tee $2.50
Gold Cardigan $3 Chico's
Purse $4.90 Monet
Loafers $7 Cliff's by White Mountain
~ ~ ~
Necklace $3.26 via ebay
Bracelet $5.99 via Rite Aid


  1. Hi Lisa, love the plaid flats! I wish I could wear them but flats don't work out too well with arch supports in them.
    I'm dreading my commute home today. It looks so dark and wet. I was stuck in the traffic from the overturned semi by the stadiums yesterday!

    1. Hi, Joni.
      Oh no... Didn't know you were commuting. My husband and I hear on the news every night about terrible traffic and are thankful we don't have to commute. He's retired and I just work part time in WS so it just feels like "the neighborhood"...even though it takes me about 20 min or so to get there.

  2. Dear Lisa sorry to hear you are not feeling to well hope you feel better soon , love your new shoes I love anything with pattern on , they go so well with your outfit ! , sending my best wishes to you x

  3. Love those shoes! I'm sorry you have been sick. This has been bad year for flu and colds. Praying it leaves you alone for good quickly!

    1. Thank you, Debbie. Yes, I have heard from several people that they've had this and that it really hangs on. I'm going on 2 weeks now. Glad it's the weekend. :)

  4. Ciekawa kamizelka, świetna całość...pozdrawiam Lisa...

  5. Shoes with a print are a great addition. Love these. I am dreaming of floral print shoes.. I too have been not feeling well. I spent two days in pj's..hope you are feeling better.


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