Friday, March 6, 2015

Dark Denim Jeans For The Office

I love my new dark denim blue jeans!  I actually thrifted another pair on the same shopping trip that are absolutely identical.  Same exact jeans.  I love their fit and length so much I bought them both.  For only $3 a pair...why not?  I believe these may be called cigarette style and I think this may be the style I prefer over all others for myself.  They are a slim fit, but not extremely so at the ankles like a skinny jean.
I purchased another pair of dark denim that day as well.  They are very similar to these, but a slightly lighter, although still dark, denim.  So that makes 3 dark denim jeans plus 3 pair of black pants I got that day also.  Two of the pants are very similar and the third pair is more dressy.   The dressier pair has a flowing, wider leg with a sheer overlay.  They also have a circular rhinestone buckle at the waist.  I'm not quite certain how to style these yet.  If I were thinner I would think a more fitted top would be appropriate, but with my shape I don't think I would feel comfortable with I may have to add a cardigan over the fitted top.
Finally.....all the outfits I had put together to wear with a previously purchased, but never worn (smaller size), dark denim jean...can now be worn.  Even though I'm not excited to be up a size, I am excited to wear the outfits I've had planned, but had put on hold.
 I added a silk jacket and red low heeled mules to dress up the casual look just a bit.  I wore this to work at our office and feel it was an acceptable outfit for the environment I work in.
Dark Denim Jeans $3 Gloria Vanderbilt
Long Sleeved Pink Tee $4.80 Jones Sport
Nude Silk Jacket $4.99 Talbots
Nude Purse $4.90 Monet
Earrings $1.72
Scarf ?
Shoes $4 Karen Scott
~ ~ ~
Gold Dragonfly Necklace (purchased on anniversary getaway 2014)
Rose Gold And Pink Bracelet = gifted by my daughter 2014 Christmas


  1. I love dark denim for the office, use to wear dark denim all the time .. saved me from wearing all my other pants that needed ironing .. lol.


  2. Great jeans! And two pairs is better than one. Good shopping.

  3. Lisa this is a great look ,how lucky are you finding all them jeans and trousers !!! have a good weekend and best wishes x


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