Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Eve Seaside Brunch

We enjoyed a HUGE brunch as a treat from my daughter and son-in-law.  We had a beautiful view of the water and city from our table and great company.

Over the last few days I have dressed in a very similar style, but have changed elements such as shoes, jewelry, sweater, or topper to give a slightly different look.
All my outfits over the holiday have given me one important detail....comfort.  The stretch waist of these new black pants was a big help in that department.  :)  In fact, I am loving these pants so much I may look for this style even after I've lost my extra gained pounds.  They feel like dressy yoga pants or something.  (Not that I've ever worn yoga pants. ha)

Did you enjoy your holiday? 

Black Pants $4.90 Sag Harbor
Black Sweater 
Hi-Lo Cardigan $4.90
Black Ballet Slippers $6.99 Limited
~ ~ ~
All jewelry = gifted


  1. nice look :)

  2. Czerń jest zawsze elegancka.
    Ja między świętami musiałam chodzić do pracy. Pozdrawiam.


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