Friday, November 14, 2014

Remixing My Wardrobe Pieces And My Process For Doing It

None of these pieces are new.  I've worn this all before...but not in this combination.  It's fun to remix your wardrobe pieces and come up with new outfits.
I'm forever being inspired by other bloggers.  I get ideas from what I see (it may be from a color combination, a particular clothing item, etc.), I realize I have similar pieces in my closet, then I pull out the items and put together an outfit.  I'll photograph it for future reference.  I even make up folders by month and then drop these photos into the monthly folder in which I think I might like to wear that particular outfit.

I'm always tweaking and adjusting these folders...moving things around.  I have outfits planned for up to mid year 2015! ha  I think the planning and putting together of outfits is the most fun part of this little hobby of mine (besides the actual bargain hunting part).
I have a master folder that contains 0ver 900 outfits I've put together and photographed.  Yikes!  I try to discard some of my least favorites from time to time or ones which contain pieces I no longer own.  Many of the outfit combinations I have put together I've never even worn.  Some are planned for a future date and the others I always think I may get to.... someday.
You can create a ton of different outfits starting with just a single scarf.  And I have a multitude of those!   :)
Sweater $3.88 Old Navy
Scarf $2.91
Necklace $2.99
Black Boots $6.99
~ ~ ~
Maxi Skirt $15 via Marshall's
Black Cardigan $9.99 JKLA via Ross
Purse $14.99 Koltov Collection


  1. Czarno białe zestawy zawsze eleganckie:))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:)))

  2. Lookin' good, pal. We all have lots of clothes that can be mixed up in new ways. It's a good impulse to do this.

  3. Great look!
    Dawn Lucy

  4. Wow, you put WAY more planning into your outfits than I do... and it shows lol

  5. Lisa, jesteś bardzo elegancka. :)


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