Thursday, September 18, 2014

OOTD: Animal Print Blouse + New Accessories

The silver necklace I purchased from ebay and the black/silver one I picked up while thrifting.  I'm very happy with them both.
Actually, the silver one is meant to be worn on the other side where it's shinier and has rhinestones.  I chose to wear it with the back side facing forward this day.  It's a duller finish and no rhinestones.
There is one thing that bugged me about the black/silver necklace.  It's intentionally not symmetrical.  All day I was adjusting to at least keep these three bottom pieces in this position.  I really don't know why I bothered. haha
Black Jeans $2.50 Gloria Vanderbilt
Blouse $1.50 Le Caviar
Black/Silver Necklace 2.63
~ ~ ~
Silver Necklace $1.87 ebay
Purse $14.99 Koltov Collection = Ross
Sandals $20 Marshall's


  1. I had to run to my jewelry box as I own a very similar necklace... You do look very happy in your first photo! I think I finally got use to asymmetrical necklaces, but remember fidgeting a lot at first.

  2. Hello Lisa, what wonderful finds ! the necklaces goes so well with your top .

  3. Zwierzęce printy są zawsze modne. Elegancko i z klasą. Pozdrawiam.


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