Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Olive Rides Again

And herrrrrrre's Olive!  Once again.  :)
This time she's along for the ride with a new striped tank top.  The colors in the tank are khaki, cream, gray, and a dark blue gray.

When I bought this cardigan, for a mere $1.29, I had no idea the endless outfit possibilities she would bring to my wardrobe!  It's actually fun to wear a favorite piece over and over rather than having it sit unused in my closet.  I want to work towards that objective with more and more of my pieces.  Then, over time, I will discover and be able to eliminate non essentials and pare down my wardrobe so that it's more streamlined and functional....while still providing an enjoyable dressing experience.
Beige Jeans $3.99 Style & Co.
Striped Tank Top $3.88 Old Navy
Olive Cardigan $$1.29 Chico's
Green Bracelet $3.20
Pewter Leaf Necklace $4
Olive Purse $3
Gray Gemstone Flip Flops $6.65 Merona


  1. It really is amazing how versatile olive can be! I know my olive vest and pants are in constant rotation, so much so that I added a utility jacket for the Fall.

    1. I'm really excited about neutrals this year! The mix and match possibilities are boggling my mind. haha

  2. Oliwka nie jest moim kolorem, a Ty wyglądasz w niej bardzo ładnie. Śliczny naszyjnik.


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