Thursday, August 7, 2014

Social Media...and OOTD

After reading this women's story here Blogger Beware:  You CAN Get Sued For Using Photos You Don't Own I decided I did not want this to happen to me.  I'm sad about it.  :(  It was an enjoyable pastime for me.
Last night I spent hours deleting photos from my Pinterest and Tumblr account.   Most photos I'd reblogged or repinned from other Pinterest and Tumblr sites of fashion/food/hairstyles I liked and was inspired by.
I know that EVERYBODY does it.  But I did not want to be like this woman and get sued and have to pay possibly thousands of dollars for lawyers, etc.  I know the chances of that happening are very small....but it happened to her...and I felt it was just not worth the risk.
From now on I'll just save photos I like to my own computer.
Does anyone else ever have thoughts or concerns about this?
On to the OOTD....  :)

 Tan Ankle Pants $4 Talbots
Green/Navy Striped Tee $2.43 St. John's Bay
Gold Chain Necklace $5.99
Navy Purse $7.38 Liz Claiborne
Dark Brown Sandals $3.24


  1. I find this issue so confusing when it comes to Pinterest. I mean, that is the basis of what Pinterest is...pinning photos that are inspiring to us. I pin some of my own blog photos to a few of my Pinterest boards, but all the other photos are repins from Pinterest. Sigh. I really like Pinterest and enjoy looking at my photos. They do inspire me!

  2. That is kind of scary as so many people that I know through blogging use photos that are not theirs,
    I have, I guess I might have to start removing some of the photos I have used ...
    Glad you shared this story ...

    I love your outfit, you always look stunning!

  3. Omg Lisa thanks for this post, just read the article and was really informative. Cant believe you are not exempted from liability if you list the sources.

  4. That's terrible that you should have to do that! Luckily here in New Zealand, it's impossible to sue anyone. If you have a case that involves some kind of compensation, the payment comes out of a huge national fund which all of us as tax payers pay into. So, not many people 'sue' each other as a result because we all pay... great idea huh?

  5. Droga Lisa, pewna kobieta ukradła moje zdjęcia i pisała, że to jest ona... To jest smutne... Wyglądasz bardzo ładnie. Pozdrawiam.


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