Monday, June 2, 2014

New Skinny Jeans + New Sandals

This is another pair of pants/jeans I've thrifted in the last couple of months.  These are replacing an older pair that weren't fitting me so well, even after altering them.
I like the fit on these much better and they have little zippers at the ankle.

 A favorite bracelet I thrifted a while back is a good match for these earrings that I've had for many years.
The shoes are new and I love them.  Even though they've got a bit of a heel on them, they're pretty comfortable.  I also like that they're slip on/backless. 
 Thrifted Items:  (Value Village and/or Goodwill)
Gray Skinny Jeans $5.60 Metro Blues
Gray Striped Top $1.50 Faded Glory
Charcoal Gray Sleeveless Cardigan $3.50 New York Company
Antique Silver Floral Engraved Bangle $3.99
Purse $8 Fossil
Sandals $5.60 Unlisted by Kenneth Cole
~ ~ ~
Earrings - gifted by mother many years ago


  1. Ok, that's an amazing deal on a Fossil hand bag (all leather!).


    1. It's probably one I carry most often. Soft leather and feels just right.

  2. You are beautiful.
    Great outfit!

    1. Awwww. Your are beautiful too. :)

  3. It's great to replace the pants with better fitting ones and these are great. love the idea of the zipper detail. I also love the vest with the striped top as it breaks up the horizontal lines with vertical ones, for a slimming effect.

    1. I suddenly found a whole bunch of tops to wear my sleeveless vests (like this one) with to make my outfits a bit more interesting. I only have them in gray and black, but several outfits are planned with them.

  4. Świetny look. Bardzo podoba mi się biżuteria. Pozdrawiam.

  5. I love your blog. I couldn't believe it when I realized that all these great outfits were thrift finds. Great job. I will be following you now and looking forward to future looks. Thanks for visiting my blog too.
    Best, Sharon


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