Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tee and Sandals

We had a surge in temps a few days ago when I wore this.  It got to about 80 degrees, but now is back down to about 60. 

 Thrifted Items:  (Value Village and/or Goodwill)
Beige Jeans $3.99 Style & Co.
Purse $8 Nine West
Low Wedge Sandals $3.50 St. John's Bay
~ ~ ~
Scarf = gifted


  1. It will get warmer ,sooner than later. In the maintime your scarf is the perfect accessory for your outfit and a the more because it's gifted. I can't get enough of gifts. I like them so much!But what is the big hit of your outfit to my eyes is your bag and the color of it. It must have been an expensive one, full price!

  2. This is so nice colour combination! And the scarf is very beautiful and matches the t-shirt perfectly.

  3. Śliczna zieleń dzisiaj u Ciebie:)))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:)0

  4. Oj, turkusy to ja uwielbiam. Bardzo Ci w nich do twarzy. Pozdrawiam ciepło.


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