Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Yellow and White For Spring

I'm a bit behind on posting.  I wore this on Saturday to run errands....except these shoes did not even make it out of the house.  Unfortunately, as much as I like them, they will be re-donated due to not meeting my comfort standard. 

Thrifted Items (Value Village and/or Goodwill)
White Pants $3 Daisy Fuentes
Sweater $6.70 Chaus
Purse $5.60 Relic
Shoes $11.13 Nine West
~ ~ ~
Necklace $5.80 Forever 21
Gold Cuff $8.80 Forever 21


  1. Lisa, pięknie wyglądasz...
    Lovely look...kisses...

  2. A soft beautiful outfit of neutrals...I say, "life is too short to walk around in uncomfortable shoes" hope you find a suitable replacement...

  3. Bardzo słoneczny zestaw. Buziaki!


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