Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hello Again Navy Skinnies! + Whole 30 Day 5

This outfit was worn on Saturday.  I realized the scarf was very wrinkled, but we were just running to the grocery store and a couple of errands and it would be underneath a buttoned up coat with not much actual scarf showing so I didn't take the time to break out the ironing board and iron it.  
I am so happy that I am now fitting back into my navy skinny jeans. Yay!
 I have had this sweater for probably at least 12 years, but hardly ever wear it.  I do like it's oversized casual feel though and will be keeping it.

Thrifted Items:
Navy Skinny Jeans $3.50 Lauren Conrad (Value Village)
Tan Pashmina Scarf $4.99 (Goodwill)
Purse $5.99 Liz Claiborne
Cognac Loafer $7.65 Sutton Plaza (Value Village)
~ ~ ~
Day 5 on our Whole 30 I broke down and weighed.  You're technically not supposed to weigh yourself until after the 30 days is over.  I am an every morning weigher and so I was just too curious to know if I'd lost any weight.  So on Day 5 (as I write this) I weighed myself.  I am very happy I broke this rule because the 5 and 3/4 lb weight loss I've acheived thus far is giving me added incentive to complete this program and to incorporate many of the healthier eating habits I'm learning into my daily life afterwards.

Here's what we had for dinner on Day 5:  fried tilapia w/almond meal coating and homemade tarter sauce, steamed broccoli w/ghee, parsnip/carrot mash w/ghee, and bananas/pineapples.

This was a really good meal!  We enjoyed it and will put this on our repeat list.
(please excuse the lovely mismatched dinnerware - ha)


  1. You look great! I use to have the wrinkled scarf ordeal and now I fold all my scarf (so now I have fold lines instead of wrinkles .. lol).

    Dinner looks great! I'm all for healthy eating.


  2. Gorgeous, Lisa. That meal looks great, Whole 30 or not!

  3. Masz Lisa piękny uśmiech, świetnie wyglądasz, pyszne jedzenie....pozdrawiam...

  4. Definitely keep the sweater as next winter oversized and comfy looks are ruling the runways...I too am a daily weigher and think that seeing the 5lb success is a great way to keep you motivated especially with so many restrictions in this food plan... Keep going, and congrats!!!

  5. Szalik ma śliczny kolor. Takiego właśnie szukam. Życzę wytrwałości i podziwiam konsekwencji. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.


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