Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bright Green Feels Juuuuust Right

These colors made me feel good and seemed to lift my mood while wearing them.  I think the green reminds me of spring/summer and I already can't wait till it gets here...but, at the same time, I like the rich cognac colors as well.

 I tried to find a necklace and couldn't seem to come up with one that struck my fancy...and then I saw this scarf, loved it, and knew it would feel perfect for me with this outfit.
So this turned out to be an "outfit favorite" and will be one I'd like to wear on know...for when that day comes that I severely narrow down the contents of my closets.  :)

 Thrifted Items:
Ankle Pants $4 Talbots (Value Village)
Green Button Down Shirt $2.50 Old Navy (Value Village)
Navy Sweater - Basic Editions
Scarf $1.99 (Value Village)
Purse $6.69 DSW Shoe Warehouse (Value Village)
Cognac Loafers $7.69 Sutton Plaza (Value Village)


  1. Green is definitely a happy color .. it's the first thing you see after a long, cold winter :-)


  2. great scarf :)

  3. I love your scarf! I can see why this outfits in now one of your favorites. :)

  4. Great colors. Smart choices. You always look so nice.

  5. Love the green and adding Spring colors into winter looks.LoL at you reducing wardrobe. ....

  6. I like this green colour here, it adds cheer to the outfit. And yes, the scarf is a perfect match to the look.

  7. Love the green shirt under the navy sweater:) Have a good week!

  8. Hi Lisa, I do love that green on you! xoxo

  9. I kind stumbled on your page and I am glad I did. Green is a relaxing and soothing colour. I personally love it. You are making sound choices in your outfits and it really suits you.

  10. Ładny zestaw Lisa. Śliczna apaszka. Pozdrawiam Cię ciepło!


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