Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bargains: New Wool Jacket $1.29! Red Lipstick 54 cents!

It's the first outing for both the sweater and the jacket.  I really love them both.  This nice wool jacket was only $1.29!
I really, reeeeaaaally must pare down my wardrobe to only include pieces like this that I love and that can remixed in multiple ways.  I've got another bag of clothes/shoes ready to donate.  The only bad thing is when I donate I get a $3 off coupon to use with a minimum $10 purchase and then I just go in and buy more things.  (defeating my purpose)
 The jacket had a tie so it can be wrapped and belted, but I just left it loose and more casual this time.
 My jewelry is a bit southwestern in orangy red and light turquoise/teal colors to go with the browns and tans of the clothing.

I really liked the color of this lipstick and didn't think I had any more like it (although I didn't rifle through all my lipsticks to find out) and so on my way to work I ran in the drug store below our office to buy some back up duplicates.  It was normally $1.09 (cheap!), but they were having a sale so I got one at regular price and second for only 54 cents!!!  I did not know about the sale until I was checking out though and so I ended up with an odd number...3 of this red and 2 of a favorite bright pink.  If I had known about the sale and not been in a hurry I would have purchased more.  I mean 54 cents for a tube of great lipstick!  Wow! (I'm glad I didn't though because when I got home and dropped these new ones into my lipstick bins I thought "Man I've got a crapload of lipsticks!". hahaha

Link Up:  Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style 

Thrifted Items:
Pants $4 Talbots (Value Village)
Sweater $6.63 Land's End (Value Village)
Wool Jacket $1.29 Eddie Bauer (Goodwill)
Wood Bangle $1.82 (Value Village)
Teal/Brown Necklace wrapped and worn as bracelet ?
Teal Earrings $2.99 (Value Village)
Purse $1.29 Liz Claiborne (Goodwill)
Loafers $4 Enzo Angiolini (Value Village
~ ~ ~
Red/Teal Necklace $5.99 ebay
Lipstick = Wet n Wild 514A Cherry Frost


  1. great lipstick :)

  2. Bardzo ładnie a ten naszyjnik fantastyczny:)))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:))))

  3. Those shoes could not be any cooler. Love them!

    Brass in Pocket Blog

  4. 54 cents for lipstick? Now that is a bargain!!


  5. Great wool jacket, a classic! And can we really have *too many* lipsticks? : > Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  6. Lisa, Love your necklace and what a steal for that lipstick! It looks perfect. xoxo

  7. Hi Lisa...think of it as good karma. Donating supports non profit associations, but so does buying! Your lipstick is really pretty! Your lips still look natural, but glossier and brighter. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog today!

  8. A wool jacket for $1.29!! What a find! It is so versatile too. Well done on finding such a bargain xx

  9. Bonito look, el collar es precioso. Besos, si quieres nos seguimos

  10. Wow, fabulous find on that lipstick and I so would have bought a lot at that price point... As for the donating and getting a coupon, I think I would make sure that I was shopping for only a piece I really loved and maybe go for something at a higher price pont that I normally do while thrifting... Leather and suede jackets usally run higher at Goodwill for example...Getting rid of a full bag and replacing it with just one item isn't too bad... Thanks for you comments on my blog today, I think so many of us gained during the holidays..

  11. Lisa! Love your jacket:) you look very elegant :) great lipstick :) Have a lovely week kisses Beata

  12. Thank you Lisa for visiting my blog. I like your lipstick. It makes me think of summer and I look forward to. The necklace is also very pretty

  13. I like the soft shades of brown in this outfit. And of course the necklace, it is a real beauty! I have same situation with lipsticks :) just can't resist to buy many different shades.

  14. Gracias por visitar y seguir mi blog, ya soy tu seguidora nº 130 Besos

  15. Pretty and polished as always. I really miss the warm neutrals, and you make these look modern and very hip. Great outfit!


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