Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chico and Calvin

This is what I wore thrifting this week.  I'll show you some of the things I got in tomorrow's post.

Thrift Items:
Black Jeans $12.32 Calvin Klein (Value Village)
Black 3/4 sleeve tee $5 Talbots (Value Village)
Jacket $9.99 Chico's (Goodwill)
Purse $8 Fossil (Value Village)
~ ~ ~
Bracelet $10.80 Forever 21


  1. nice :)

  2. Love the necklace and the jacket is a real stament piece. You are looking very slim these days!!!

    1. Well, that made my day! :)
      I'd mentioned I'd put back on 4 lbs,... and now I've got it down to 2 that I need to get back off. (Not counting the amount I'd LIKE to lose, but don't know if I will. ha)
      I think these jeans with higher heeled shoes help. I swear these are some of the best fitting jeans I've ever had though.

  3. You look fantastic in this outfit! :)

  4. A very nice jacket on you Lisa, it has a perfect lenght. So right outfit to go to work...

  5. Świetny zestaw Lisa. Podziwiam Cię za pomysłowość. Pozdrawiam.


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