Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Weekend Outift: Emerald and Navy + What's For Dinner

These blues and greens are not a perfect match, but I liked the way they went together.  The earrings and purse are more emerald colors.  The little shooties are a dark brown color that ties in with the brown trim on the purse.  The pants are navy...however, the pants and boots photographed extremely dark.

 Easy messy updo.
 Slightly tease crown to get pouf.
 I just loosly pulled up with a clip and pinned a couple of pieces under.
 With new navy jacket/blazer.

Thrifted Items:
Navy Pants $5.99 Dockers (Value Village)
Scarf $1.99 (Goodwill)
Gold Locket
Dark Brown Ankle Booties $9.10 Apt. 9 (Value Village)
Navy Jacket $4 Paul Harris Design (Goodwill)
Purse $10. 52 Harve Benard (Value Village)
~ ~ ~
Emerald Drop Earrings $4.80 Forever 21
Gold Cuff $8.80 Forever 21
~ ~ ~

 Dinner:  Chicken and Scalloped Potatoes
 John (hubby) made these homemade scalloped potatoes and they were sooo delicious.


  1. Where do you get your hair done, (color)? I like your hair up. Navy and mint are lovely together huh? (i love all your selfies).

    1. Hi, Renae. I used to have my hair professionally highlighted it was sooooo expensive. I decided to go back to using box color and doing it myself even though the results aren't nearly as nice (orange roots, ha). It's not so bad now...or maybe I''ve just gotten used to the orangatan look. haha I use Garnier Nutrisse #100 extra light natural blonde Chamomile.
      Yes, I do lots of selfies! lol I'm not a wiz at operating this cheap little camera, so I try to do a close up which seems to capture the colors in my outfit better...and sometimes shows the necklace better.

  2. Gorgeous outfit Lisa and your scarf is fabulous:)

    1. Thank you, Anne. This is one of my favorite scarves...probably because of the colors.

  3. Hi Lisa. You look so pretty and the 'do is simply gorgeous. Suites you so well. Beautiful scarf.

  4. Love the mint sweater with the navy.

  5. Alright... now if I could pose as attractively as you do here, I'd walk into public in female clothes and be a woman. But I can't. So I'll just try to live vicariously through you. Your poses are so essentially and deliciously feminine. I'm envious.

  6. Lisa, love the 'do! And that scarf looks great with the sweater.


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