Sunday, October 27, 2013

Step Right Up And Win A Prize!

I called this my "used car salesman" jacket because that's what it reminded me of.  My boss, however, said I reminded him of a carnival worker or game show host.   I see his point. haha
But when I saw it in the store I couldn't help myself.  I liked the colors and didn't really see the comical aspect of it until I got home.  I may only wear it another time or two and then get rid of it.  We'll see. ;)
I have on a navy cardigan with sleeves rolled up over blazer sleeves, but in photo below I left it unbuttoned to show more of the peachy top.
I will probably also pair this jacket with a red top and red flats...maybe my yellow turtleneck too.
I actually ended up wearing it with the navy cardigan buttoned AND the jacket buttoned.  Maybe I should just wear it as an open jacket rather than buttoned up blazer?  If you indulge me in my wearing of you like the crazy plaid jacket better unbuttoned or buttoned?
 I'm wearing my navy skinny jeans again.

 Thrifted Items:
Navy Skinny Jeans $3.50 Lauren Conrad (Value Village)
Short Sleeved Sweater $3.50 Charter Club (Value Village)
Navy Cardigan
Blazer $3.50 (Value Village)
Purse $5.99 Liz Claiborne
Cognac Loafers $7.65 Sutton Plaza (Value Village) 
~ ~ ~ 
Gold Bracelet $5.99 Rite Aid


  1. I love it! Now you've got Halloween covered. :-)

    1. Hey...that's right! Didn't think of that. :D

  2. I love that jacket Lisa, no matter what your boss said, probably he isn't into fashion ;-)
    have a lovely Sunday

    1. He usually compliments me on my clothes, but I think this caught him off guard with it's boldness and he sometimes likes to tease a bit too. ha

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, josep-maria. I do like the colors and they seemed appropriate for the season.

  4. Lol; that happens to me sometimes--I end up wearing something only a few times and then pass it on. I like the jacket--its fun! Happy Halloween~xoxo

    1. Yeah, I like the "fun" aspect of it. It was only $3.50 so I'll probably wear it a couple more times and see how I feel about it then.

  5. The great thing about thrifting is it allows us a chance to play. I like it open with the navy sweater.

    1. Thanks for your input, Tracey. When viewing the photos after work I thought the better way to wear it would probably be to leave it open. This is such a wild piece though that I wasn't really certain if there was a "better" or "worse" way. haha


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