Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Black and Gray + Scarf

I didn't wear a necklace because I knew I would be adding the scarf below.

I guess I'd better start remembering to wear my nylons or socks. 

Thrifted Items:
Pants $5 White House Black Market (Value Village)
Gray Rouche Neck Top $4.80 Lea Nicole (Value Village)
Antique Silver Engraved Bangle $3.99 (Value Village)
Black Leather Purse $8 Fossil (Value Village)
Black Leather Slip On Heeled Loafer $4 Cole Haan (Value Village)
~ ~ ~
Black Cardigan $9.99 JKLA = Ross
Scarf $12.99 = Marshall's


  1. Black is an evergreen that always works! You are wearing a wonderful scarf. . . Here too is time to wear socks: no bare feet until next year!!

  2. Perfect way to wear a fabulous scarf, black and grey basics that allow the scarf to take center stage! Looking Fabulous, darling!

  3. I love the look, and I think it is beautiful scarf.


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