Thursday, September 19, 2013

Workday Outfit: A Peachy Button Down + Food and Weight Journal

Good morning, friends!  How are you?  It's such a gorgeous sunny morning here today.  Makes me feel so good.  The air is crisp and it's supposed to get up to low 70's.  We're expecting a few cloudy, rainy days after this though.
I wore this to work yesterday (Wed.).  I sure am going to miss wearing my open toed shoes... which I know will probably come to an end in the next couple of weeks or so.  But I won't think of that now.  I'll revel in this beautiful, sunny day with bared tootsies! :)

Thrifted Items:
Pants $4 Talbots (Value Village)
Short Sleeved Sweater $2.80 Croft & Barrow (Value Village)
Purse $5.99 Liz Claiborne
Sandals $5.60 Etienne Aigner (Value Village)
~ ~ ~
Button Down Top = old
Bubble Necklace $15? eBay
Gold Earrings = gifted from mom
~ ~ ~
What I Ate
WED Sept 18 43.2calories
1/3 serv oatmeal, 1T pb2, 1/2 banana, 1 equal, 1/3 alm milk150
tuna w/ 3 T lt. mayo, ck noodle soup (70c)220
1/2 b. pot w/ broc n ch, ck breast650
Weight Watcher's English Toffee ice cream bar100
Total Calories1240

Dinner:  rotisserie chicken breast, 1/2 lg. baked potato w/broccoli cheese sauce


  1. Witaj. Wróciłam z wakacji. Bardzo ładnie Ci w różowym. Piękny naszyjnik. Pozdrawiam serdecznie. Barbarossa.

    1. Your holiday looked amazing!! Thanks so much for stopping by. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, so much. You're a sweetheart to visit. :)

  3. Good Morning Lisa. You look beautiful. Perfect look. Awesome shirt. The necklace is darling. These Etienne Aigner sandals are a great find. Especially for $5.60! Wow!
    Sunny but cloudy and a bit foggy over here. But nevertheless a beautiful day.

    Have a lovely day

    1. Hi, Lenya. Glad you're having a nice day too. :)

  4. Fantastic color for you! I am looking forward to putting away the sandals and embracing boots, booties, ballet flats and pumps...

    1. I do like this color. 7 months till I can wear sandals again just seems sooooo long. ha

  5. Hi Lisa! In the 80s here today, so back to sandals. I'm with Tracey -- I'm ready for boots! Norma

    1. Hi, Norma. I'll look forward to seeing you in the boots.

  6. What a nice medley of colors. And what a wonderful smile.

    I've been thinking something lately and it's only fair that I share it with you. I was reflecting on how my dressing often seems to flail around in wild ways, demonstrating my uncertainty about personal style, while your dressing is so steady and consistent. You have found your style. Every time I come visit your blog, I'm impressed by how distinctive your look is. You've found your signature style -- a feat I'm still striving to achieve. Thanks for inspiring me with that.

    1. Why, thank you, Ally. I think, over the last couple years of blogging (and thrifting), that my taste has gravitated toward a certain style for myself. It's not always exactly the same, but "generally" I know a look I want to achieve. And I've found much of it through other bloggers of my age that I admire how they dress and want that look for myself too. this stage of my feels like me. Another influence I only realized I had is my mother. I sometimes see the way my mother dressed and dresses (in button down shirts and slacks, etc)in the way I am leaning toward. I find that comforting too for some reason. Maybe it's because we were never exeptionally close and I find myself closer to her now more than ever...oddly enough now that we are separated by thousands of miles. I think I'm at a time in my life where I've finally grown up a bit.
      I think you're doing a wonderful job of dressing and having fun experimenting. I used to feel more "all over the place" too. I've kind of let some looks go, except on occasion, that maybe aren't really who I am right now.
      I always appreciate your blog and your thoughts very much.

  7. Dear Lisa, you look so lovely! Not only because of your beautiful outfit and because of the rose shirt that is so flattering. But also because of your wonderful smile and because I can see that you enjoy your day!
    Have a fine weekend my dear!

  8. You look so beautiful! I love this outfit! I love open-toes shoes too:) Kisses x x x x


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