Saturday, September 14, 2013

Workday Outfit: Khaki w/ Peach and Coral

These colors feel soft and pretty and hubby complimented me on them Wednesday when I wore this, so that made me happy that he liked them.  This is one of my favorite scarves because I like the coral/teal/pinky peach colors.
Khaki colored pants are a must in my closet too because they go with just about everything.  These are newly thrifted and a size 6...which blows my mind.  I have gotten several pair of size 6 slacks lately and most are too long (darn short legs) and some the legs are wider than I'd my project for this weekend is to try and alter those a little and hopefully not ruin them.  I'm still wearing some size 8's too, which I never even dreamed I'd ever get back down into single digit sizes, so I'm happy.  Yes, I'd like to lose more, but I seem to be at a standstill this month because I have not been as diligent at staying within the calorie range I'd set for myself.  I'll keep working at it.
I think sizes sure have changed over the years.  I remember not being able to squeeze into a size 6 until I got down to about 120 lbs.!  I'm only at 144 now and wearing them.  I think clothing companies must have done that on purpose, because I know it makes me want to shop and buy more if I'm buying a size 6 rather than a size 10. ha

Hope all my blogger buddies and visitors have a wonderful weekend!  Thank you so much for stopping by.  :)

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Thrifted Items:
Khaki Pants $2.50 St. John's Bay (Value Village)
Short Sleeved Sweater $2.80 Croft & Barrow (Value Village)
Scarf $1.99 (Goodwill)
Earrings $1.99 (Value Village)
~ ~ ~
Bracelets $1 each - downtown shop
~ ~ ~

Dinner: Sweet Italian Chicken (sauce=margarine, brown sugar & italian seasoning pkt), stuffing, 1/2 ear leftover grilled corn on cob


  1. I agree with you on sizes! I used to have two Target tees, same company, same cut, same size, different years. You could lay them on top of one another and see an extra inch of width and length on the second.

    Congratulations on your goals regardless. (: Much respect for committing to a healthy lifestyle, and revel in the beauty you already and always have had!

  2. This are YOUR colors, Lisa ♥ Colors of Spring.
    Many greetings Sabine

    My Beautiful Things

    Mein Photoblog

  3. Great colours for you, Lisa! You look fresh and youthful.

  4. Yep Lisa I agree with you on sizes. Same goes for shoes. Same brand different size. Until last year it was always size 6, this year it's size 4,5 and 5. And since my feet haven't shrunk, because all my shoes still fits it must be the company who changed the sizes. Anyhow. you look beautiful Lisa. Definitely your colors. And you are back into your comfort zone, huh ;-) You don't have to worry Lisa you have a very nice waistline. Love your watch.

    have a nice Sunday

  5. Your scarf is very cute and has a nice combination of colours: it's so spring! With kaki pants is perfect!!

  6. Lovely, feminine look Lisa! Vanity sizing is definitely an issue with women's clothing, but it sounds like you have worked hard to reduce weight so just revel in the fact that you're a smaller size!! I really admire your will power.

  7. You just look like you stepped out from a vacation, beautiful and relaxed. Thank you so much for linking up with What I'm Loving Fridays! I hope to see you back - have a wonderful week!

    xo Lulu

  8. I am sure that the sizing has changed because I have a couple of size 6 items in my closet as well and I'm heavier than you! Lovely colors...just as your husband said.

  9. Uwielbiam takie zestawy. Ślicznie wyglądasz. Jak zwykle zachwycam się włosami. Pozdrawiam ciepło.


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