Sunday, September 1, 2013

Goodbye Skirt...+ Food and Weight Journal

Happy long weekend everyone!  I wore this skirt on Friday and the other outfit for a short outing and trip to the grocery store on Saturday.  We grilled out steaks for dinner and watched a movie.  Hope you enjoy the holiday!
I'm donating the skirt back to the thrift store.  I've had it for a few years and have rarely worn it. 

I just love living here!  Soooo thankful.

Thrifted Items:
Brown T-Shirt
Bracelets & Necklaces
Earrings $1
Purse $13 Nine West (Goodwill)
Brown Sandals $6.99 Anne Klein (Goodwill)
2nd outfit
Pants $3.59 Nine West (Goodwill)
Floral Sequined T-Shirt $1.50 Old Navy (Value Village)
~ ~ ~
What I Ate

FRI Aug 30     Weight:  143.4
1/2 serv oatmeal, 1T pb2, 1/2 banana, 1 equal, 1 t marg, 1/4 alm milk, 1 T rais250
1 can tuna, tomatoes, 3 T mayo, 1/2 bagel200
Dinner Out:  phad thai, crab delight800
sm milk shake w/ 1 T pb2, 3/4c sugar free ice cream, 2 T pb2250


SAT Aug 31     Weight:  142.4
leftover phad thai            400

grilled filet mignon, 1/2 b. pot w/ broc n ch sauce725
3/4 c. chex mix180
TOTAL CALORIES                                                      1425


  1. It's kind of you to donate clothes you don't wear anymore. Your wooden earrings are nice ( is that wood? )

    Wonderful lake. I wonder where it is...

    1. Hi, Dan. Yes, the earrings are made of wood.
      The water is the Puget Sound in Seattle where I live now. Moved here 6 years ago from a very small town in Illinois.

  2. Good Morning Lisa. Both outfits are lovely. The top part of your skirt is it of denim? Cute earrings.
    Beautiful second outfit. I think coral is your color. It really shines on you. Lovely photos of the lake. Thx for sharing.
    Have a lovely day

    1. Thank you, Lenya. I hope you're having a wonderful day too. :)

  3. Hi Lisa. The skirt outfit is very Boho and the added touch with the headband is a great look. I agree with Lenya, coral is your color.

  4. Lisa, you are living in a wonderful area. So near by the sea, I envy you.
    Altough I like the skirt and altough it suits you well I understand that you are tired of it. I sorted out also some summer clothes seldom worn, to make place for new bargains :D
    The printed shirt is beautiful, you look absolutely fablous in it!


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