Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weekend Outfit: Saturday Style

It was neutrals and leopard with jeans for our Saturday trip for groceries.  I ended up not wearing these shoes.  You can't tell by these photos, but they have a pretty high heel.  Although I like them, my feet hurt before we even left the house and I realized this was an impracticle purchase on my part.  I've only worn them one time, but out they go.  This is a lesson to show more wisdom and be more in tune with my lifestyle and comfort in future decisions regarding my clothing choices. 
I am so enjoying our weather and the sunshine.  Beautiful sunny days make me happy. 
Thrifted Items:
Jeans $4.90 Gloria Vanderbilt (Value Village)
Oatmeal Colored V-Neck T-Shirt
Brown Cardigan $4.99 Reflex Jeans (Value Village)
Brown Beaded Necklace w/Medallion $3.99 (Value Village)
Leopard Print Purse $5.99 Guess (Goodwill)
Sandals $6 Star Ling (Value Village)


  1. That is the lovely thing about thrifting- if you make a wardrobe choice that turns out not to be right for you, no big financial loss on your part. :D

  2. you look well put together! i like it!

  3. Beautiful! Bag is so sweet! I love all accessories:)! Kisses x x x

  4. Piękny zestaw, torebeczka w panterkę urocza, brakuje mi takiej do zestawów... Pozdrawiam serdecznie i dziękuję za odwiedziny.

  5. Beautiful look. Bag is so sweet. Elegantly and great class. Kisses...

  6. so cute, love that little leopard bag

  7. When thrifting I always look at shoes first. If I find something I like I wear them around the store my entire trip trying them out for comfort... solves that making mistakes issue! Love your bag!!!!

  8. What a pity you can't wear those sandals. They are very beautiful! Your lesson ( more wisdom in clothing choices ) is a lesson for me too!!


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