Saturday, June 29, 2013

Weekday Casual Outfit: Movie Day

Tuesday we went to see World War Z.  We liked it a lot.  It was pretty intense the whole way through.  I don't like to dress up to go the the movies because I like to get a hot dog and popcorn and I'm a spiller and a splatterer so I don't like to eat in any clothes I don't want to to take the chance on ruining.  Afterward, we stopped at Cheesecake Factory and got Red Velvet Cheesecake to have for our dinner. haha  Total junk food day.  I did only get a small popcorn with no butter though...and a diet I was good there. :) 
The dinner I have posted below was actually from Monday night.
This is what I wore.  Plus a cardigan the same color green AND a navy jacket.  I don't like to be cold in movie theaters.

Dinner:  Grilled Hamburger w/bbq sauce n cheese, Coleslaw w/low fat mayo, Mashed Yam w/ light marg and sugar free syrup
Thrifted Items:
Navy Capri's $2.80 Relativity (Value Village)
Striped Top $4.99 Land's End (Goodwill)


  1. Now I'm hungry!
    Good idea for layering at the movies. I can't remember the last time I went to see a movie... Oh well, they'll hit TV eventually.

  2. Smart move with the movie-outfit. I always end up with snacks on my belly and hate when I ruin clothes. Thanks for the film-review. And I never stop admiring how good you look regardless of your clothes. Nature favored you. :)

  3. Great weekend play regards...

  4. Confortable outfit for your evening out. You are so cute!

  5. Great comfy weekend outfit, Lisa! A striped tee is always a good idea, for nearly every occasion.

  6. I too layer at movies , can't stand being cold! I love navy and green together. Having a "cheat' day is helpful..


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