Saturday, May 4, 2013

Plum Jeans

My first pair of jeans in this color.  I kind of like them. :)
They're my trusty Gloria Vanderbilt brand and were only $2.80.  I couldn't pass them up!
I'm going to have to get more creative with what I put with them though.  I had purchased this sleeveless top in September 2011 and don't think I'd even worn it wanted to at least wear it once.  It's just okay.  The next combo I have planned for these jeans I like much better.  It's a pretty floral t-shirt and cream cardigan I bought recently.
Our weather has been much better.  The sun is shining and it's supposed to warm up into the mid to high 70's this weekend.  I am soooo looking forward to it!
Have a great weekend dear blog friends.  

 Thrifted Items:
 Jeans $2.80 Gloria Vanderbilt
Sleeveless Patterned Top $1.50
Green Cardigan
Black Suede Flats w/Studs and Buckle $12.99 BCBG


  1. Great color jeans, Lisa! I actually like your top! Cute shoes,too!

  2. Isn't it fun getting new colored bottoms and exploring new possibilities? I see yellow working nicely with these. Great shoes!

  3. Those jeans are beautiful, and of course a huge score. Your thrift shops must be a little less pricey than ours. Even Goodwill wants $3.50 for a pair of jeans, and ours never have discounts.


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