Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Polka Dot Blouse

This is a short sleeved blouse.  I plan on wearing it without a jacket and with white jeans and sandals when it's warmer.
Thrifted Items:
Red Jeans $2.50 Liz Claiborne
White Tank Top
Blue/White Blouse $3.99 Antilia Femme
Denim Jacket
Red Purse $6 Aldo
Red Leather Mules w/Silver Buckle $4 Alfani   


  1. The polka dot blouse look great with the red jeans! You look marvallous!

  2. Looking good a nod to red, white and blue without looking wacky and purposeful... This will be really crisp with white jeans.

  3. You look beautiful Lisa...greet...

  4. love you polka dot shirt :) looks great with the red jeans ....

  5. You have the prettiest skin, and you are always so well put together. I can't believe the deals you get on clothes! I'm wearing a polka dot shirt from GoodWill today, too :)

  6. LOVE the blouse! Looks fab with the denim. And the red pants are fantastic! What a beautiful red. :)


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