Thursday, April 25, 2013

Peppermint Pink Stripes

I had fun pairing this pink striped button down shirt with the brown blazer, gray jeans, and red mules.  Not a color combination I would have immediately thought of, but when I tried it I really liked it. I'd worn gray/pink or brown/pink, but I don't think I'd mixed brown/gray/pink.  The jeans give this a relaxed feel, but the blazer, button down, pearls, and low heeled/backless shoes dress it up a bit.  Exactly how I like it.

 Thrifted Items: 
Gray Jeans $4.99 Gloria Vanderbilt
Pink Striped Button Down Shirt $2.50 Old Navy
Pearl Necklace
 Purse $6 Aldo
Red Mules $4 Karen Scott 


  1. I love this! A fun button shirt under a blazer is a great look!

  2. This is very much your signature style and fun to change it with different color combos!

  3. I am crazy for your shoes! I'm sort of partial to red shoes. The only pair I have was thrifted :) Oh, and the red purse! <3 I do have one thrifted red purse that makes me purr when I see it :P

    You just keep getting prettier every day. You look perfectly pulled together and ready for anything.

  4. You look great Lisa...kisses...

  5. As I can see pink and brown goes together well! You look amazing Lisa! Your earrings are cute!

  6. Love the shoes, Lisa and the color combination is very pretty.


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