Sunday, March 17, 2013

Folding Clothes for Small Space Storage

This move has been an eye opening experience.  I knew I had a lot of clothes, but since having to find space for them in our new and downsized home reality has certainly set in.  I had a thrifting problem and had let my shopping get way out of hand.  Thus far I have donated about 75 items of clothing I would guess....and I still have more than will fit into 2 large closets.  My husband has graciously offered up the larger master closet and he has taken the smaller one...because he does not hoard clothing like I do. haha  So I get the large closet in both bedrooms.

I have taken so many clothes off of hangers and folded them and put them in drawer storage as shown in this video.  This has been a tremendous help and I really love this method of freeing up hanging space.  I have folded all of my summer and winter pajamas (and my husbands t-shirts) in this manner too and it has made a huge difference in how neat and organized my drawers are!

I do prefer having things hanging where I can see them all and they get less wrinkled, but sometimes we have to relent and go to Plan B.  Even though Plan B is in place, I STILL have more hanging clothes than will fit.  Today I am making another pass through to see if there are other items I can let go of.  (I need to let go of about 50 more itemsI know everything remaining are things I like, but I'm going to have to reduce my wardrobe even further.  It is something that I want to do though.  I had fun shopping and gathering...but it feels good to let go and become less excessive.

Another thing I've done is take my 17 or so pairs of jeans off of hangers and folded those as well.  I will have a large dresser and 2 tall bookcases to work with as storage so the jeans will find their home folded on the shelving unit.
I'm so glad we have a couple of weeks transition period between our current and new home so that I have time to move, sort, and downsize my wardrobe in stages as I see how things are fitting into our new lifestyle.

I'm linking up with Patti at Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday. 
Thrifted Items:
Jeans $6.99 Ralph Lauren Polo Jeans Co.
Light Peach Sweater $2.80 Croft & Barrow
Navy Blazer 
Scarf $1.99
Purse $6 Aldo
Low Heeled Slingback Shoes $4.50 Lisa&Vicky  


  1. To do such an inventory opens the eyes for the real treasurse we have. I'm sure you found some you haven't seen for month. And I'm also sure you will remain the same stylish lady as always, even with smaller closets.
    I love your scarf and how you tied it!

  2. Downsizing and culling our wardrobe is a good thing. I have a bit of a thrifting problem too, bet recently when I feel the urge to go into a thrift store, I try to ask myself "what do I really need". So far it has worked. I'm going to try harder to remix what I have.

  3. Wooooow! I love your shoes! Kisses x x x x x

  4. Wow, great work downsizing, Lisa. We just moved from a small house to a smaller condo, and I had to do a major culling too. It actually feels great when it's done! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  5. What adorable shoes!
    I got rid of all my bureaus a few years ago and keep all my clothes in my closet. I do have shelves in my closet for folded clothes. because I love clothes too and it just can get out of Good luck in your new home~

  6. I love the way you tied your scarf and your complete look is so much fun, Lisa!! I have to put away my cold weather clothes in storage boxes and keep out the warm weather clothes. I have my special times to switch them out over the year. It is only a dream to have a room...I mean closet...where I can hang everything!!

  7. Like Paula, I love those shoes!! As hard as I try sometimes, I find it SOOO difficult to streamline. As a sewer and upcycler, I figure I'll just keep everything and refashion it at some point. That's okay if you never shop, but I still go to the thrift stores!! I'm guessing you'll find that the fewer things will expand into countless outfits because you can find everything. I know you look great here!!

  8. What pretty shoes! And the scarf is tied perfectly. Very nice.

  9. Lisa, I just watched the video and wow! I'm going to have to try that! What a great idea!
    As for downsizing, it's a great way to purge your closet and donate things you haven't worn in a while. I guess I'll be doing this very soon as I change out my closet from winter to spring.
    You look great as always! Cute way to tie your scarf!

  10. Good luck downsizing, Lisa. I can't believe you have donated 75 items already. Excellent! I'm struggling with space too. Great video.
    You look fresh and beautiful, but I particularly love your shoes!

  11. I'm fighting the same battle, but losing. I don't have room for more drawers, and that's what I need! Congratulations on your wins!
    You look your fresh and pretty self ... love the scarf with that pink top.


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