Monday, January 7, 2013

Pattern On Pattern

I'm joining in the link up for Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style.  Hope to see you there! 
Thrifted Items:
Brown Jeans - Liz Claiborne
Cream Sweater
Blazer $7 Jones Wear
Scarf $2.99
Backless Mules $9.10 Madeline Stuart
~ ~ ~ 
Gold Bracelet $5.99 Rite Aid
Gold Watch $16.99 Target    


  1. That bracelet is from Rite Aid? It's so pretty, I thought for sure you's found it at a vintage jewelry shop : > Lovely look, Lisa, and thanks for linking up to Visible Monday.

  2. You look like a latte. I love lattes :) Awesome pattern-mixing too. I always struggle with that!

  3. My first thought: Coco Chanel goes Blond! Snazzy look, young lady, and I completely love the pattern mixing. I almost never remember to try.
    Enjoy the New Year!

  4. Such a classy & elegant look today!
    Really love it!

  5. Great neutrals and so perfect with your hair color!! My kind of prices, too!! XXOO

  6. A great pattern mix Lisa, the scarf look beautful with the jacket.

  7. The pattern of that jacket is so pretty, and I love how you paired it with that gorgeous scarf.

  8. Lisa, This is a really classy outfit. Kinda like a power suit with Baileys mixed in! Your scarf is lovely and the accessories too.

  9. Beautiful, like always! I love your jacket. Kisses x x x x

  10. Two thumbs up on the thrifted combo!

    Visiting from Visible Monday.

  11. This outfit is like a power suit with a lovely soft pinch. Your pattern-mixing is fantastic and your colour palette is dreamy. Gorgeous, Lisa!

  12. You should have a job at thrift stores putting outfits together for women. Wouldn't that be fun? A thrifty personal shopper. ;) Actually I haven't been intentionally thrift shopping in quite some time short from the accidental boot score while furniture shopping. I've been donating a lot of good stuff to the donation bins in my neighborhood instead. Feels so nice to be cleaned out.

  13. Lisa, I just cannot say enough good things about how wonderfully you put together outfits. You are so talented.


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