Sunday, October 21, 2012

Shoe Possession

Today I'm cozy in a soft, warm flannel men's button down.  My feet are super cozy as a mustard flat loafer that is a full size too small.  What in the world possessed me to buy these shoes?  My husband says it's the "shopping demon".  He may be right.  I tried them on in the store and convinced myself they would be fine...that I really needed these cute size 7 mustard flats and they felt perfectly wearable on my size 8 foot.  
Scene 2:  I put them on at home to wear for the first time with today's outfit and OMG! they have my feet squished in like a Geisha.
When will I learn? sigh

Thrifted Items:
Jeans $4.99 (new w/ tags) Gloria Vanderbilt
Men's Flannel Button Down $5.99 L.L. Bean
Mustard Yellow Flats $7.99  


  1. I purchased a pair of shoe stretchers that work on my shoes when they are a little snug. I don't know anything that works to enlarge shoes a full size. Good luck. They are cute shoes!

  2. Well I can see why you lost your head over those awesome shoes! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Good thing you didn't spend much though. At least there's that. ;) I hope you find something to replace them, they're great!

  3. You are rockin' the men's flannel shirt, Lisa, and those awesome shoes. Ah, at what price, beauty? lol

  4. There's nothing I like better on a cool day than a flannel shirt. As for the shoes, I've found myself lately thinking that my foot has grown a half size or I'm becoming less tolerant of shoes that pinch. I like Judy's idea about the shoe stretcher.

  5. Agreeing with everyone else - flannel shirts for the win. My favorite was a blue men's shirt. It finally bit the dust I think. I used to sleep in it during the winter.

    Sorry about the shoes! The same thing happens to me and jeans. It's like I'm three sizes all at once.

  6. Owwwww....too small shoes always ruin my day. It's strange how much of an effect feet can have on one's mood! :-O

  7. oh, lisa, squished feet are awful. your poor feet have not deserved such a torture. maybe they can be widened by a shoemaker. i love what you have done with your hair today!

  8. They are super cute shoes tho! I understand about squished fun at all!


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