Saturday, October 13, 2012

Layering Makes A Difference

I've had this sweater for a while but have never layered it.  Today I'm wearing my yellow button down underneath and  I'm liking the look much better.  

 Thrifted Items:
  Jeans $3 Lee
yellow button down 99 cents L.L. Bean
 olive green purse $3
 brown slingback shoes $5.60 Mudd.


  1. Nicely you in these quiet colors and you have a wonderful smile...

  2. Not everybody can wear pastel the way you do. Loving everything, and your blue eyes and gorgeous smile your best accessories.
    have a brilliant Sunday.

  3. The shirt enhances the sweater beautifully. And, of course, everything else in the outfit clicks. You have a talent for this.

  4. lisa, your earrings are gorgeous, they are perfect together with your sweater. natural colors go so well in autumn.

  5. The layering looks great. The yellow pulls out the brightness from the sweater.


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