Sunday, September 30, 2012

Leopard Flats Take a Trip To Target

Thrifted Items:  Tan pants, orange t-shirt, black cardigan, purse $8 Fossil, leopard flats $6.99 Bandolino.
Necklace $8.80 = Forever 21
Bracelet $10.80 = Forever 21
Gold Watch and Orange Ring = Target 


  1. The orange top make your eyes look fabulous.

  2. Love your hair. I have been trying to get mine to curl, but so far I haven't been successful. The color is gorgeous too.
    The whole outfit is great. Every bit of it.

  3. Your colors are great. Really good on you. And I especially love the necklace. It makes the outfit.

  4. Cute outfit, cute jewelry. And your hair is pretty.

  5. lisa you look amazing! i love your wonderful necklace and your curly hair. i would be glad if i could get my curls under control like you.

  6. Funny...I posted about flats today too. But they aren't leopard ones!! These are super cute...I am always looking for the "perfect" leopard shoe. I think having a pair in flats would be so much fun!


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