Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Bavarian Style Village

Today John and I took a scenic drive to a Bavarian style village in Leavenworth, WA.  It was very cute with lots of shops and restaurants.  We had a lunch of crepes and then did some browsing.  My personal favorite was a store called Simply Found.  It was a women's boutique that had unique clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc.  So many pieces I was eyeing, but I didn't buy anything on this trip.....just a Maple Nut dip of ice cream in a sugar cone for desert.  :)  
It was a beautiful sunny day.  The driving time there and back totaled about 5 hours, but it took us through gorgeous mountain scenery.
Here is a little history on how Leavenworth came to be a Bavarian village in the middle of Washington.


 Thrifted Items:  Pants $3.59 Crossroads, top, scarf, jacket, brown bracelets, purse.


  1. hey lisa, what a beautiful trip, thank you for sharing. the village looks like a typical bavarian village near the alpes. even the paintings on the walls and the flower arrangements are the same. i just show it to my hubby and he remembers that he has been there 20 years ago when he was working in seattle.

  2. A nice outfit, delicate and smooth. I love it. The scarf is a nice touch. A very nice trip and a charming village.

  3. Beautiful pictures! What a lovely little town. You look so ladylike and polished in your outfit!

    1. Thank you. We had a good day. I felt pretty schleppy in this outfit actually...but I wanted to be comfortable.

  4. What a beautiful place. You looked really pretty in your comfortable outfit. The scarf was the perfect touch!
    I think sometimes we feel as though we should apologize for a comfortable outfit. I think there is nothing wrong with comfort. We cannot all go around looking like fashion plates every day, sometimes we need practical. Nevertheless, you looked really nice!

  5. Love the pic of you and your hubby. Your beautiful blues remind me of a calm ocean.

  6. What a nice place to visit. Glad you had a fun day.

    And nice nails! It pleases me more than you can imagine that we're wearing the same polish.

  7. Hi Lisa,
    This scarf you are wearing is adorable and it matches so well your outfit and your gorgeous eyes. Great pick ! And I also like very much the way you tied it.
    Thnaks for sharing photos of your trip to this stunning village ! It really looks like a Bavarian village... One more reason to visit the state of Washington - which I don't know.
    Have a great week :-)


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